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Dr. Jeremy Robertson

Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

Jeremy grew up in India and has been a passionate naturalist for decades.  A kind letter from Gerald Durrell led him to study Zoology at Aberdeen University. As an undergraduate he became involved in research on European Otters and took part in two biological expeditions, one to the Outer Hebrides and the second to Ghana in West Africa. Jeremy has a First Class Honours Degree from Aberdeen University, Scotland for his research on the ecology of the Orkney Vole.

On graduating he was offered five Ph.D. scholarships including one at Cambridge, but had moved to Australia, where he won an A.N.U. Ph.D. Scholarship. 

He started to work on mammals but then gained his doctorate for research on the role of acoustic communication in female mate choice and male fighting in an Australian frog species.

He currently teaches fundamental biology in several core topics and is a key contributor to the Animal Behavior degree. He believes in empowering students and as such has taken groups of Flinders undergraduates on life changing field projects in southern Africa. 

They have the opportunity to experience African conservation and community issues while acquiring key skills that will bolster their future careers. He has recently initiated a new topic, BIOL2704 Biology Practicum, which will enable these students to gain academic credit for their efforts.

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