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John da Gloria

Brighton, Ontario, Canada

John has been a Resort Management and Development professional most of his professional career in both Canada, where he now lives, and in Portugal where he lived and worked for over 20 years.

He has had a lifelong love and reverence for social equality and justice and for the natural world for which he always maintained strong connections. He is also a proud and avid defender of these issues particularly when it comes to supporting positive initiatives or voicing opposition to the many threats and injustices the world over. Like many, he feels there is much more that can and must be done.

“It is extremely important that the world as a whole start coming together and making every effort to move forward in the direction of ecological and social balance and sustainability. As long as misguided political and economic policies favor shortsighted and selfish interests, there will never be any significant momentum to overcome our very serious problems. I believe we are blindly racing towards an uncertain future where our children and grandchildren will bear the cost and indeed the tremendous loss of our natural heritage because of our greed and irresponsibility.”

John became an FCF Board Member in 2005 following a 6-week volunteer position with FCF at the Jaguar Ecological Preserve.

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